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Maison Buonaparte  is


Nestled on the hill of Sanremo, 3km from the Casino and Sanremo Beaches, the district of Poggio

has a typical Ligurian architecture, with the small suggestive carruggi, the pastel colors and stunning views overlooking the sea.

Maison Buonaparte is a characteristic  Ligurian house full of character and history.

Napoleon Bonaparte is known to have stayed at this address when he was still serving as the General of one of the four battalions of the French Armée d'Italie

Today, after a complete renovation, the house is back to its original charm and offers its guests a unique and cosy atmosphere.

The house, accessed from a pedestrian carrugio through a private entrance, develops on three levels and includes:

a spacious double bedroom ensuite on the first floor, 

a cosy lounge with alcove (double convertible sofa) and fireplace , a fully equipped kitchen, a little bathroom on the second floor, 

 and a stunning roof-terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the third and last floor.

The entire house will be at your exclusive disposal during your stay.


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